Do I need to keep my phone and the app active or can I close the app?

The Media Rewards app is designed to work passively. You never need to actively use the app. You can press the home button of your phone and the app will continue to run in the background. The app is not always LIVE with monitoring; it will automatically decide when to start and stop monitoring for media exposure. This means that you don't need to interact with the app to receive points or to be eligible for rewards. You may still choose to pause monitoring manually, because we believe you should always be in control.

Sometimes the app is not monitoring. Does that affect my points?

No. You will receive points for the time that you leave the app running in the background, whether it's LIVE with monitoring or not. This is because the app doesn't monitor non-stop. However, if you choose to PAUSE monitoring manually or kill the app in the background, you will not receive points during that inactive period.

How can I earn more rewards?

Just leave your phone on and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll automatically get a better score by leaving the app in the background. Your rewards level is based on your score vs others in the community. Enable point accelerators to increase your score faster. When you are in a higher rewards level, you’ll also qualify for surveys for which you can earn more rewards. If you comply with the rewards rules you'll be eligible to receive reward.

Why haven't I received my gift card yet?

There are multiple variables which need to be considered to receive a gift card. To get to know these variables, please read the section 'How to earn rewards'.

What data is collected?

So you can unlock value from your anonymised data and opinion, you may choose to allows us to use your device’s microphone to recognize audio content, such as TV and radio around you to provide you with more relevant surveys. And with your explicit consent, you may collect location data to understand which retail stores and restaurants (chains) you may have visited or to which Out Of Home advertising you may have been exposed to, to provide you with more relevant surveys and content. We use the information to offer more relevant survey to help brands and media companies improve content and advertising experiences. The data from our panel is anonymised and offered in an aggregated way for n market research reports. Example data: user_id: 1234, matched_content: ABC radio ad, audio_fingerprint: 265523236267, timestamp: 6:13 PM

Does the app record audio?

NO. Audio is never recorded or saved and the app cannot identify conversations. The app can only identify media content by matching specific audio frequencies of advertisements and content. How this works: The app converts sound within proximity of your mobile device to a string of numbers, which are named 'audio fingerprints'. These audio fingerprints are matched against equivalent data from the audio of advertisements and content known to us. This enables us to securely and anonymously match the advertisements that you have likely been exposed to. We will use this information to present you with surveys and questions that are relevant to the audio-content and ads that you have been exposed to.

Does the app collect or store my personal information?

We are very strict about protecting your privacy. That's why we have set up a fully GDPR-compliant technology, to make sure your data is handled with care. Media Rewards does NOT share any personally identifiable information about you. All data collection in secure and data is anonymised. We do not use your personal information other than to communicate with you to invite you for surveys or pay out rewards.

Will the app impact my battery life?

The app is designed to run in the background and uses a negligible amount of power. There won't be any noticeable impact on the daily battery life of your mobile device. If you're using your device heavily, the app will switch off monitoring automatically to make sure you'll keep enough battery for the rest of the day. If you're low on battery we will completely stop monitoring until you are charged again.

More help

If you still have trouble finding what you need, please send us a message at support@mediarewards.co